Jane Bergkotte

React – Diffuse – Adapt
Digital Organisms
Can I create an artwork where I cannot predict the end result?
I made three forms of algorithms, the ‘Digital Organisms’, that will show different ways of forming images. I assume that Organisms grow in such a way that they cannot predict where they will end up. They simply adapt to their surroundings every time they make a step forward.
In my opinion control is an inconvenience in my search for new abstract forms, when developing my own personal projects. That is why I see these ‘Digital Organisms’ as partners, where we collaborate as a team to develop an artwork.
The artworks shown are ongoing processes of reacting to an image, diffusing its contents and adapting to the forms it creates. Within the given boundaries the Organism will continuously develop new forms.

Jane is een spiksplinternieuwe afstudeerder van de Willem de Kooning Academie.

ReactDiffuse – Adapt is onderdeel van het Mediakunst programma van HotSpot The Student Hotel.